Thom Solo
Leader of Pilot Squadron
Cousin of Caleb
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons gold light saber, pistol
Status Alive, 20
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Height 6'6"
Group New Republic/Infinity Squadron, Jedi Order
Missions A Few


He was born to Kyle Solo and Deana Solo. He was rich but wasn't spoiled. When he went to the academy he met Marissa. The became best friends and he would almost drool over her. They started to go out during there last year at the Academy. After a while his worst dream came true. She left him. He was devestated. He just got back together when his brother George died he was agian filled with grief. He got over it and was back to his carefree self. He was then told about his uncle and was again sad. He tried to see Caleb all of the time to make sure he was safe. He decided that he needed to be closer to him and joined the New Republic and quickly rose through the ranks.


He is compassionate, funny, care-free, and loyal. He is also to quick to trust and is friendly to everyone. But when you get on his bad side he it very hard to get that trust back.


He has blond hair and blue eyes. He has handsome features and a lean build. He wears black in honer of those who have fallen.


He is very skilled at flying and good with a gun.


He has a regular pistol, a golden lightsaber, and his T-65XJ3 X-wing starfighter.

It's seen action but its still in good shape.