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Welcome too Star Wars Roleplay Wiki!Were fairly new but with a little help we can get allot of people and more pages.To get a character go here Character Approval.To learn how to make a character go here Getting Started guide

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We focus on the galaxy of star wars and the war between Jedi and Sith.The Roleplay takes place in 145 ADY so all the movie characters are dead.You can make descendant though.The Story takes place when the New Republic and Galactic Empire are at heavy war and both sides have even amounts of the Galaxy.Cade Skywalker the Jedi Grandmaster was killed by his long lost Nephew George Solo A.k.a Darth Zero.Caleb Skywalker has just took over The New Republic and is leading the war against his Cousin.Do you dare enter this terrible war?To see more about this battle go here Battle of the Ancient Bloods.To see the prophecy go here Fall of the Ancients Prophecy

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