The Force is a powerful thing.It has 3 diffferent sides.The Light side,The Dark side,and The Gray Side.Here is a list of what each side can do

Dark SideEdit

Can only be practiced by Sith

  1. Force Lightning
  2. Force Choke
  3. Force Meteor- A meteor will come down on command
  4. Force Mind Control- A simple stare will convince anyone to do anything
  5. Force Lava- Lava will come out of the ground and bend to the users will
  6. Force Destruction

Light SideEdit

Can only be practiced by Jedi

  1. Force Jedi Lightning(Must be taught by grandmaster)
  2. Force Mind Trick
  3. Force Freedom- Can free a slave by the touch of a hand
  4. Force Transform- Can transform into anything to spy on Sith
  5. Force Levitate- Can Levitate to 50 feet in the air
  6. Force Healing

Gray SideEdit

Can be used by any Force sensitive user

  1. Force Control
  2. Force Agility
  3. Force Shout
  4. Force Hearing

Rare Force Ability'sEdit

These are Rare Force Ability's used by Very Few

  1. Force Elements
  2. Agriculture- Can control and speak to plants
  3. Force Immortality- Ancient Blood helps them live longer
  4. Psychic Senses- Can sense life forms up to 4 miles away
  5. Family Gifts- Those from Ancient bloodlines can use the gift of there family.

Known gifts are

  1. Skywalker Family Gift- Combines all force ability's into one attack
  2. Solo Family Gift- Knows instinctively how to pilot any vehicle or how to use any weapon
  3. Malek Family Gift- Lightning is used to the highest advantage possible