I am not a jedi or a sith-Ruby
Gray Jedi leader
Important Information
Gender Female
Weapons Weapons:2 Lightsabers
Status Alive,23
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color None
Height 5'6"
Group Gray Jedi
Missions Tons

Ruby -Member of Gray Jedi
-Leader of Gray Jedi

 – 18:52, January 14, 2012 (UTC)

You looking to join the Gray Jedi?

Ruby is a Gray Jedi.She knows both ways of the force


She was born on Ryloth like most Twi'lek.Being a female she was put in slavery at 14 years old.Yjey were not easy times.Being put under hard labor and being forced to do whatever the slavers said.She got released when she was 20 but she blamed the Jedi and Sith for her Slave years.When she found out she was Force Sensitive she took revenge on her slaver's.She joined the Gray Jedi and became leader through a traditional Duel.She hates Jedi and Sith so much she put the Gray Jedi in the war.


Force- Nearly Mastered

Red Lightsaber- Rotation Perk,Can double blade with Blue Lightsaber

Blue Lightsaber- Pulsing Perk,Can double blade with Red Lightsaber

2 Blaster pistols

1 Vibrosword


Pepp Tyo

Enemy's Edit

New Republic

Galactic Empire