New Republic

The New Republic is an Alliance formed back when Luke Skywalker was Grandmaster.The Curren Grandmaster is Caleb Skywalker.If you want to join you need to sign up

Ranking SystemEdit

Ranking system


Feel Free to make any groups listed below that aren't made yet-This user is not TheThing12...I swear 15:52, January 10, 2012 (UTC)

Infinity Squadron- Leader Caleb Skywalker

Alpha Squadron- Leader

Beta Squadron- Leader

Charlie Squadron

Delta Squadron

Omega Squadron

Pilot Squadron- Leader Thom Solo

Foxtrop Squadron

Jedi Council- Leader Caleb Skywalker

Jedi Guardians- Leader Dyrk Eiay

Scout Squadron- Leader Maz Azira'Ki

Master Squadron

Golem Squadron- Leader