Maz Azira'Ki
You think I'm small huh. Well say that to my lightsaber.-Maz
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Green light saber
Status Alive, 18
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Tan
Height 4'5"
Group New Republic/Infinity Squadron, Jedi Order
Missions A Few


He was born to the Ki clan. He, unlike most Bothans, was trained in combat. This was because his tribe was attacked and his mother was one of the dead. He was trained to be tricky and sneaky. At the age of 15 was brought to a Jedi academy. He accelerated in most subjects but was not as good in 'people skills'. He could look at something for 30 seconds and draw an accurate map but he couldn't tell a teacher what it looked liked. He graduated and was given to a Jedi for teaching. His training was successful with no problem. He is now a Jedi Knight.


He has a hard time voicing his thoughts. He uses actions instead of words and is not good with feelings.


Maz is about 1.4 meters. He has tapered pointed ears and a beard. He doesn't like robes so he wears a Jedi tunic or a Bothans tunic.


He, like all Bothans, is a very good spy and scout. He is average at almost anything else.


He has a small blue lightsaber. He also carries a grappling hook, Bothan machinist gloves, Bothan droid dirupitor, and and many other scout and Bothan devises. His favorite weapon is his DC-15x.