Marissa Schliter
Jedi Gaurdian
Important Information
Gender female
Weapons pink and blue lightsabers
Status Alive, 20
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'9"
Group New Republic, Jedi Order
Missions A Few


She was born and raised on Naboo. Shw went to the academy with Thom Solo and the two quickly became friends. She loved to mess with his emotions and try to make him drool over her. She did this because she liked him and knew he could get any girl he wanted but her and it kept him interested. It worked and during there final year at the academy she asked him out and kissed him. They had a long distance relationship and eventually she met another guy. She broke up with Thom and went out with the guy. After a year he cheated on her and she broke up with him and moved to the Jedi Temple. She knows Thom is here but she doesn't know if he will take her back.


She excels at fighting and force skills. She is a little about average in anything but piloting. She is the worst pilot ever in her opinion.


She has a pink lightsaber and a blue lightsaber. She also has a helmet given to her from Thom when they first started to go out.