Crystal Cave inside

Welcome to the Jedi Crystal cave.Here we send padawans in to find the Lightsaber crystal there assigned and carve it on there own.Later they will construct a lightsaber using the force to put it together.You are only allowed access twice.There are many layers of Crystals stretching to any color you can imagine.After constucting the lightsaber you can only come back to take a padawan to get his or her lightsaber crystal.After that you are no longer allowed in unless given permission by the Jedi Council.Mining a crystal can be quite hard.You must get the whole crystal out of the cave and carve it so it get's smaller and smaller and takes the correct form of a lightsaber crystal.This could take up to 5 days to do and 2 of them might be meditation for putting it in the lightsaber hilt.These crystals are to hot to touch,Make sure you either use the force to move them or get a portable crystal storage device.Well that's all you really need to know -Grandmaster Cade Caleb Skywalker