Lemetrius Marek
I'm the descendant of starkiller-Lemetrius
Starkiller(Code name)
Jedi Master
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Weapons:2 blue lightsabers
Status Alive,19
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 6'3"
Group New Republic/ Jedi Guardians
Missions a few

Lemetrius -Member of New Republic
-Star Killer

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I'm Lemetrius Marek

Lemetrius Marek A.k.a Starkiller is a Jedi descended from Galen Marek.


Back in the days right after the Clone Wars Galen Malek was training to be a sith.When he betray the sith Darth Vader killed him.However before he died and was cloned he had a kid.The kid's name is lost in history but he gave birth to another kid directly after the New Republic rebirth.He hid for awhile because Galen Malek was lost in Republic history during the Rebellion Era.When it was discovered that Malek had a son.His son was named Brandon Malek who was discovered by Cade Skywalker at an old age.He had Lemetrius Malek and died on the Mission against Darth Zero with Cade Skywalker.He was also on that mission but got lost before they reached Zero.He is alongside Caleb and is good friends with him.He is second in command in the Jedi Guardians and was allowed council access but refused.


2 Blue lightsabers(One passed down from Galen Marek and the other is his fathers)

1 Yellow lightsaber(It's his)

His father's lightsaber has a Pulsing Perk

His Yellow lightsaber has a rotation effect

Force SkillsEdit

  1. Force Control- can Push,Pull,or Control objects
  2. Elemental Force- Can control Elements
  3. Force Mind Trick- Can manipulate weak minds
  4. Force Agility- Can Jump,Run,and Climb with incredible skill
  5. Force Immortality- Can live longer from long line of Jedi or Sith
  6. Force Shield- Can protect himself or others with the force
  7. Force Healing- Can heal himself or others with the force
  8. Force Echo- Can shout his voice all the way across the planet
  9. Force Hearing- Can Hear anything within a 10 mile range
  10. Starkiller Gift- Can summon Force Lightning and make himself nearly invincible


Caleb Skywalker- Long known friend


Darth Zero- Killed his dad