Kas -Member of New Republic
-Jedi 'knight

 – Hello, my name is Khanmeq Kasren, but you can call me Kas.

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Khanmeq "Kas" Kasren
"You think your so cool? I get to train under grandmasters!"- Kas
Jedi Knight
Trained by Caleb
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Blue Lightsaber
Status Alive, 20
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Height 6 feet three inches
Group New Republic, Scout Squadron, Jedi Order
Missions A few


The Zabrak Khanmeq Kasren was born on the planet of Iridonia on March 5th, 125 ABY to Marsk and Sria Kasren. Sria was a cheif general of the New Republic, and Marsk was a Jedi Master. He was urged from birth to join the New Republic.

At the age of four, Khanmeq was enrolled into the Jedi Academy, where he got the nickname of Kas which he still goes by today. He trainined hard, and showed great skill in the force by the age of six. Many years later, during the time that Kas was a jedi knight training under Grandmaster Cade Skywalker, he went on a horrible mission.

On a trip back to Iridonia to find a sith that had been spotted there, Kas found him- at his parents house. He quickly got out his blue lightsaber, and began to batte the sith. Kas managed to save his mother, but Marsk was killed. Kas captured the jedi and brought him to the jedi prisons. After the death of Cade, Kas gained his new master Caleb Skywalker, and is now 20 years old.

Force SkillsEdit

Force Control- can Push,Pull,or Control objects Elemental Force- Can control Elements (Fire) Force Mind Trick- Can manipulate weak minds Force Agility- Can Jump,Run,and Climb with incredible skill Force Shield- Can protect himself or others with the force Force Healing- Can heal himself or others with the force Force Cloak- Can turn invisible


A blue lightsaber with two blades because of the use of a double clip. It also has fire perks.