Kaleb Earthglider
I'm the clone of Caleb Skywalker,Your worst nightmare- Kaleb
Darth Cloneus
Caleb Skywalker's Clone
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Weapons: Orange Lightsaber
Status Alive,18(Officially)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6'5"
Group Galactic Empire
Missions Only a few

Kaleb -Member of Galactic Empire
-Darth Cloneus

 – 06:29, January 15, 2012 (UTC)

I'm a clone...A copy of Caleb Skywalker


About a year before the Battle of the Ancient Bloods Darth Zero realized how strong his cousin Caleb was getting.He took a blood sample he got from a sith that injured him,He then used the blood sample to make a clone of Skywalker.One that would walk,talk and be just like Caleb.He attempted 5 times before getting it right.He named the success Kaleb Earthglider the opposite of Caleb Skywalker.This clone was outstanding in battle,He had the exact same fighting technique as Caleb but he was more attuned to the Dark side.Later Darth Zero sent him on a mission to kill Caaleb Skyrunner.The one clone that escaped his grasp.Kaleb came back with the dead body and was put in the Sith Council.He was then nicknamed Darth Cloneus by the council and is there secret weapon in the making.


Orange Lightsaber

Sith Armor

Sith Robe

Blaster Pistol

Force Ability'sEdit

He can use anything Caleb can use except light side moves and he can use Dark Side moves as well


Darth Zero- Former Master

Emeranza- She's been nice to him through his times


Caleb Skywalker- The one he is crafted after,Also doesnt know how to feel about him