"This new one is a very odd specimen, as a clone of a jedi he has the capabilities of the force, however, he is trained to be a hunter..."

-Tatooine Cloning Facilities Archives

Kal Fett
Bounty hunter by alextooth-d50p3ij
"Yeah, I'm a bounty hunter. Yeah, I kill people. Deal with it."


Bounty Hunter
Jedi Master
Greatest Bounty Hunter Ever
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Custom DH-17 Blaster Pistol

Lightsaber Various Weapons

Status Alive, 38
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6' 2
Group Bounty Hunters Guild, Jedi Order
Missions Plenty


Shaun Kallus (better known as Kal Fett) was the twenty third clone of jedi master Plaan Kallus, and one of the most infamous Bounty Hunters in the Galaxy. As a clone of the jedi, Shaun had the capabilities of the Force, however, the Cloning Facilities decided that he would be more use to them if they trained him to be a bounty hunter, and so they did. At age twelve, Shaun ran away from the Cloning Facilities, stealing a ship from the Solo Family and taking it to Naboo to get his first job. Meeting with greedy hutt mobster Cosimo the Bookie, Shaun was hired to track down a human named Kratus Bane and bring him alive back to him. Upon asking Shaun his name, he only was able to say the first letters of his last name before Cosimo interrupted, saying "Kal Fett...a fitting name for a hunter." Apparently confused with famous bounty hunter Boba Fett, Shaun took on the nickname, adopting it as his own. Realizing he had not recieved his B23-1-14 permit, Kal quickly stopped to recieve this, before easily completing the mission and recieving full reward.?

Nearly two years later, Kal traveled to join the jedi order enabling himself to further extend his ability to complete missions. Reaching the rank of jedi knight one year later, Kal constructed a green lightsaber, traveling back to his regular activities and going on many new missions. As the only bounty hunter advanced in using a blaster, a lightsaber and the force, Kal became known as the greatest bounty hunter of all time by age twenty, once even hired on a mission to kill a high ranking sith lord, succeding in the end. All was normal for nearly twelve years, until he recieved a message from Jedi Master Myrn Ylla, offering Kal an unbelievable reward to protect the son of the recently killed Jedi Grandmaster, Caleb Skywalker. Accepting the offer, Kal returned back to the jedi, and since his age and years of training qualified him, was let in as a Jedi Master. Kal now lives amongst the jedi, always making sure that the kid he was hired to protect is safe, despite the fact that he has grown into the Grand Master. Despite this, Kal still goes on hunts, and it is a known fact between the jedi that he is a hunter.