Gundi Kysai
Gungi detail
'"I... Am... A Jedi..."'
Vital statistics
Title The Wookie Padawan
Gender Male
Race Wookie
Faction New Jedi Order
Health -
Level Padawan
Status Alive; 10
Location -

Gungi detail

Gundi -member of New Jedi Order
-The Wookie Padawan

 – November 27, 2012



Gundian Hesarshi Kysai was born to a Wookie couplke on Kyshyyk in 135 ABY. His parents and close friends
Gungi detail

Gungi in his regular outfit.

rejoiced in his birth. But the party was short-lived. They soon learned Gundi was a force-wielder. One day his mother was walking with him. She was holding him in her arms. She tripped, and dropped Gundi. She thought her son would be gone, for he was not strong enough to handle that kind of fall. But, to her surprise, he propelled himself up using the force.

At about the age of three years old, another milestone occured. His mother and father were in their tree-top home watching Gundi play, when he started propelling his playing blocks back and forth across the room. They were alarmed at this because they knew what would come next. Lightsabers, Jedi, and the War.

At the age of five Gundi learned tons of new powers and abilities. He had already leared how to fight with the force alone. He had learned how to speak Galactic Standard. He had also learned how to use hand-to-hand combat, practicing with his Father. He learned many abilities, including using a bow and arrow, guns, and using his hands alone.

By age seven his parents had let him go join the New Jedi Order. He became a youngling in training. He made many friends while training. He built his Lightsaber, as usual, and started his official training.

By age ten he became a true Padawan. He awaits his legacy, and uses the Force as his guide. In the Force he trusts.


Gundi is very nice. He uses the Force only. He is a diplomat. He is very advanced, and knows how to use his diplomacy, not force. He does believe that using the Force as only power leads to the Dark Side. He will follow his Master for anything.


Gundi building his lightsaber.


Gundi uses a wood-cased green crystal Lightsaber. He hold it on his sash, which doubles as a utility belt. He usually uses diplomacy, but when the time comes... He also has many things in his belt, including rations, a breath filter, and a mini bow. He wears a memorative crystal necklace.