Symbol of the Sword of Sith. Every member has this tattooed on their backs.


"The end justifies the means"

Messages from the Blade of the Sith/Fist of the SithEdit

All messages from the Leaders to the rest of the members (if there are any) are listed here.


We are the blade of the Sith. We wish to rule this universe. The force is but a tool to be used. Unlike those fools called "The Hand of the Force" we do not have a set of strict rules. We kill, we torture, we do what we need to, on our way to rule the universe.


Blade of the Sith:

The Fist of the Sith:Edit




  • We can use Force push/pull
  • We can use Force levitate
  • We can create fire using the Force
  • We can use Force choke
  • We can use Force lightning
  • We can crush organs using the Force (Fist of the Sith power)
  • We can use Necromancy, the ability to summon and communicate with the dead, by reassembling their spirits and bodies from the force(Blade of the Sith power)
  • We can use cut things using the Force


Alliances with other factions:==