Obitus United


The skull, our symbol


Obitus United teaches the ways of death, the only true good in the universe. Life is suffering, full of fear and pain, and death is the only path to peace. The Jedi however, those cursed by untrue morals of good and bad that beckon them to move forward, defend the suffering of life, stopping death from flowing peacefully and ending it, just as nature intended. Though they are not deserving of such honor, we must grant all of the Jedi our blessing so the Sith may prevail, and we can spread death through the universe.



Darth Phantos

High Necromancer


Former Members



*They can manipulate darkness (High Necromancers Only).

*They have regular force abilities.

*They can create fire using the force

*They can call forth the dead by using the force.

*They can bend shadows to conceal their presence.

*They can Choke, burn and expand the body of any other living being with the force.

==Treaty with other Factions==

==Enemy Factions==