The symbol of The Hand of the Force


In God and the Spark we trust. May they help us cleanse the universe of Heathens.

Messages from the Patriarch/BishopsEdit

All messages from the Patriarch/Bishops to the rest of the members (if there are any) are listed here.


We, The Hand of the Force live to serve our leader, our God, the Force. The Force is everythere, so of course it must be God.

Every single member of The Hand is in possession of a thing called the Spark of God. It allows us to manipulate things around us and do things impossible for an Heathen.

You may find others around the universe, claiming to be able to do the same things as us. But don't be tricked. They do not posses the Spark of God. They possess what we call the Spark of the Damned. Any person in possession of the Spark of the Damned are to be hunted down and killed. This is what our War Priests do.

The job of the Bishops are to coordinate the efforts and take down any Spark-users the priests can't take down. They're job are also to train future generations of Spark-users. They have authority to create alliances with other factions.

The Patriarch are the leader of the organisation. He decides who becomes Priest and who becomes Bishop. And he is also the one to take down the Spark-users whom he deem important enough to take down himself. He have authority to do just about anything.




War PriestsEdit



We train to hone our powers, until we can do these things with our Spark:

  • We can make things levitate things with the Spark
  • We can push and pull things with the Spark
  • We can create fire with the Spark
  • We can choke Heathens with the Spark (Bishop power)
  • We can create lightning with our Spark. The Heathens call this Force Lightning (Bishop Power)


I, insert name, swear eternal loyalty to the Hand of the Force. I swear to hunt down any heathen who refuses to save himself by converting. I swear to serve Gods bidding, now and for all eternity. I swear to never use the Spark of God for evil purposes, and to never betray God. I swear to ensure that future generations are taught the word of God, and that they follow the biddings of God.

So I swear, and so Mote it be.


Treaties with other factions==