The war ahead

This prophecy bases around the time of the Roleplay.It's important to know so read carefully

One day when the days are Raw

8 Jedi and sith shall see it all

These chosen will be at heavy feet

Though it will be nothing compared to the war to meet

This war can be the end of days

Or just a step for many ways

For many ancient bloods will split

And the fire of hope will be unlit

Time itself will stop in it's tracks

Just to watch this battle of black

When the day slowly come to an end

Only the 8 can stand at hand

Bringing peace to the galaxy

And rebulding the threads of reality

But they continue to fight

Then nothing will be left but night

The Force will be there for them

And the choices they have are very dim

Only one thing stands in there way

And that my friends is the horizon ray

Known MembersEdit

Caleb Skywalker

Thom Solo

George Solo

Lemetrius Marek

Anya Sajik