"I will never give up on you. You can't hide, you can't run very far. The time has come...for the sith to rise."
Apprentice to Darth Zero
Skilled Assassin
Important Information
Gender Female
Weapons Her powers, red lightsaber
Status Alive; 22
Eye Color one eye is Purple one eye is Blue
Hair Color -
Height 6'0
Group Galactic EMpire
Missions -


Emerenza was a mistake, she was not supposed to survive her mothers wishes to not have her born, for her power was too strong. Her mother gave her up anyway the day she was born, having seen an imperfection on her left shoulder. You see, Emerenza was half human half Tweilk, and when she was born, her skin messed up a bit, therefore her left shoulder has human colored skin, all the way up to her fingertips. Her eyes are also different, one being purple and one being blue. Emerenza moved from planet to planet, seeking orphan care but didn't recieve any. People were afraid of her powerful abilities, so they shut their doors and banished her from their villages. The sith eventually found her, and treated her like a real family should, finally she felt right. They taught her that the world is unfair but she can become an assasin and get rid of the bad people so it is a safe place for everyone. She was trained her entire life and soon went on missions, killing leaders and good people. Emerenza is tricked into believing that the jedi are the evil ones and they want to destroy her planet. She remains with the Galactic Empire, as Darth Zero's Apprentice.


Emerenza is half human half Tweilk, due to her father being human and her mother being Tweilk. She is very tall, being 6'0 and has a slim magenta colors body. Only her left should and hand is human colored skin. She wears a black cape cometimes but mostly wears a traditional Tweilk costume.


Emerenza is very cold and devious. She doesn't like to be kept waiting and will do anything and everything or the Galactic empire. She loves to win and hates to loose. She never gives up on a target. Never.


Emeranza has very powerful force abilities along with super intelligence.