Dyrk Eiay
Through Knowledge there is understanding, Through understanding there is wisdom, Through wisdom there is the Force. Through the force there is Peace. -Dyrk Eiay
Jedi Master
Jedi Council Member
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Wepones A Blue lightsaber
Status Alive, 130
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 4'1"
Group New Republic
Missions Many


Master Dyrk -Member of New Republic
-Jedi Master

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He is serious and calm and he does not have a temper. He protects the peace of the galaxy and makes sure that the Jedi are not used as soldiers, but keepers of the peace. He is a pacifist and uses the force more that his lightsaber. He does not like arguments in the counsel and always hears out possible threats and of the like. He is very wise.


He was born on 15 ABY on Endor to as the son of Wicket W. Warrick. Ge displayed force powers at a young age and Wicket promptly contacted Luke Skywalker. Luke came and and tested him on Endor for the force and his midichorians were very high. So Luke took him to train on Yavin 5 where the new temple was. He took his training seriously and soon became a Padawan learner to Miko Reglia. Thay became friend quickly and were and worked like excellent together. When Miko died then Dyrk was made a Knight. He trained many padawan learners and knew all of the counsel on a first name basis. When he was nominated for Jedi master, it was a unanimous decision, that he would not only be a master, but on the counsel too!

Force SkillsEdit

  • Force Lightning Redirection- Can take lightning used ageist him.
  • Force fire- Can conjure and control fire
  • Levitation- Can fly a few feet off the ground
  • Force Control- can Push,Pull,or Control objects
  • Force Mind Trick- Can manipulate weak minds
  • Force Agility- Can Jump,Run,and Climb with incredible skill
  • Telekinetic lightsaber combat- Can use his lightsaber without touching it.

Appearance Edit

He is an Ewok so small and teddy bearish. He stands 4'1" and has brown eyes. His fur is Black.] and he has a tan beard




Purple and Blue


Color Changing- Can hold two crystals instead of one so it changes between the two colors