Darth Zero
Darth Zero
Come to the dark side-Zero
Sith Emperor
Former Solo
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Weapons:Black Lightsaber
Status Alive,25
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'2"
Group Galactic Empire
Missions Tons
Darth Zero

Darth Zero -Member of Galactic Empire
-Former Solo

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You want to join the Seperatist?

Darth Zero (Formally George Solo) Is a Sith Lord and leads the galactic Empire


He was originally a lost Jedi.A long time ago before his birth Jade Solo Did have a kid but secretly.She didnt tell anyone cause she violated the law of no children before marriage.She raised the child secretly and eventually he grew old enough to understand.He ran outside of the jedi reach so they couldnt find him.Eventually his family grew.Then they were discovered when George took a vacation to Tatoonie with his dad Kyle Solo.At first the jedi were mad but let Kyle into the council.Eventually Kyle died and his son thought the Jedi did it.He joined the sith and because of his powerful blood he became leader.He met Caleb and Cade Skywalker and killed Cade in the Battle.Caleb Weakened him with Jedi lightning but he still survived and is planning to destroy the New Republic

Force ability'sEdit

Lightning- can shock people

Elemental Force- Can control elements

Force Control

Force Mind Control

Force Agility

Force Choke

Force Immortality

Froce Destruction

Force Meteor

Force Lava

Solo Family Gift


Darth Metus- Apprentice,Lover

Emeranza- Apprentice

Darth Korulko


Caleb Skywalker