Darth Metus
Fear is my greatest ally. and your worst enemy - Metus
Sith Apprentice
Maria Jade
Member of the Sith Council
Important Information
Gender Female
Weapons Weapon: Red Lightsaber
Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Red
Height 6'5"
Group Galactic Empire
Missions None yet



When Mara Jade died, Ben Skywalker was deeply greaved. He went to Camino to have her cloned. He wanted her just like Mara Jade. Unfortunitly, Camino was attacked and any clones being made stoped. Most of them died. But the Force was with Metus. She survived. It was many years before she was found. But her time without the proper cloning tech had corrupted her. She was not Mara Jade. She was a sevant of the dark side. She had been cut off from the life-quickening drug so she aged quickly but now she ages at a normal pace. She used the force of he cominins to project fear to them. She is skilled with fear tactics. She came to Darth Zero nameless and week. He took her as an apprentice and named her Darth Metus. She fell in love with him. She will do anything for him


She is servant of the dark side and can project anyones greatest fear to them. She is skilled with fear tactics.


Human Clone

Force Ability'sEdit

  • Force Control
  • Force Agility
  • Force Mind trick
  • Force Choke
  • Force Lightning
  • Force Immortality
  • Force Fear Projection


She has a red lightsaber and stealth armor.


Her armor can turn invisible and makes her undetectable. It also makes her unnoticeable in the force.


Her armor

Friend/Enamy ListEdit

Darth Zero: Master/Lover