Darth Korulko
Trusted Wookie
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons black and red lightsabers
Status Alive, 22
Eye Color white
Hair Color white
Height 7'2"
Group Galactic Empire, Sith Order
Missions A lot


When he was born he was a "bad" omen. He was kicked out was forced to live on his own. He was only 2. He was found by the sith and was trained in their brutal ways. He was trained to kill Jedi. He was told his village was destroyed by Jedi. He was fueled by so much anger he finished his training when he was 14. He has trained by Darth Headhunter. When he finished his training he killed Darth Headhunter so he could take his place. He is now very high ranking.


He has a Red Lightsaber and a Black lightsaber that he can connect. He also collects souvenirs from the Jedi he has killed.


He is a very good tactician and good at organizing surprise attacks and retaliation. He is a great fighter and is ok with the force.