Caleb Skywalker
You want to be a jedi?-Caleb
Jedi Grand Master
Gray Assault(Code Name)
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Weapons:Green lightsaber
Status Alive,23
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6'5"
Group New Republic/Infinity Squadron,Jedi Class
Missions Tons

Caleb -Member of New Republic

 – 16:28, March 22, 2012 (UTC)

Hello I am Grandmaster Skywalker

Caleb Skywalker is the leader of the New Republic


He was born a on Coruscant to Cade Skywalker.When he turned 3 he started training right away.His training lightsaber was originally yellow but do to his offensive ability's he was switched to green.His first mission as a padawan was on Hoth.Some Imperial Forces were seen attacking the republic base.He went over there alone and took out the entire sith armada.Later when he was 16 he was given control of The rebel Team Infinity Squadron.His last known mission was at tatoonie with his dad.By then he was officially a Jedi Knight.He was fighting Darth Zero.His dad died but when he did it made caleb enraged and he shot Jedi Lightning out of his hands.He then was promoted to Grand Master by order of Jedi laws

Force Ability'sEdit

  1. Jedi Lightning- Like sith Lightning but it's white
  2. Force Control- can Push,Pull,or Control objects
  3. Elemental Force- Can control Elements(Mastered)
  4. Force Mind Trick- Can manipulate all minds
  5. Force Agility- Can Jump,Run,and Climb with incredible skill
  6. Force Immortality- Can live longer from long line of Jedi or Sith
  7. Force Shield- Can protect himself or others with the force
  8. Force Healing- Can heal himself or others with the force
  9. Force Echo- Can shout his voice all the way across the planet
  10. Force Hearing- Can Hear anything within a 10 mile range
  11. Force Cloak- Can turn invisible
  12. Skywalker Gift- Uses all the force ability's and combinds them to one and uses it agains the enemy
  13. force choke- can choke with the force


He has a green lightsaber with lightning and rotation perks.He also has a white lightsaber with all perks attached


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