This battle is the reason of this Roleplay site's current Condition.It was a huge battle on the planet Tatoonie to rescue Cade Skywalker and Brandon Malek from the nearby sith threat.


New RepublicEdit

Caleb Skywalker- Mission Leader

Lemetrius Marek- Secondary Mission Leader

Commander Black- Infantry Leader

Pilot Squadron

Alpha Squadron

Infinity Squadron

Golem Squadron

Cade Skywalker

Brandon Malek

Galactic EmpireEdit

George Solo A.k.a Darth Zero

Maria Jade A.k.a Darth Metus

Meat Squadron

Darth Slasher

A few destroyed squadrons


Republic Pilot:Ok we've Landed sir

Caleb:Thank you captain enjoy the flight back

Republic Pilot:Thank you.And may the force be with you

Caleb:*Waves as he fly's off*Ok Lemetrius whats the Plan?

Lemetrius:Well we're about 50 Miles from the distress signal

Caleb:Ok then we better start walking...

A few Hours Later

Black:Sir glad you could make it

Caleb:Good we can proceed together now

  • Base wall fly's open*

Stormtrooper:There they are Fire!

Caleb:*Ignites saber*You better back off

Lemetrius:*Also ignites saber*That's right were Jedi Knights

Mysterious voice:But your way outnumbered

Caleb:Who's there?

Mysterious Voice:I would expect better from a Skywalker

  • The figure steps out of the Shadows*

Sith Lord:I am Darth Striker!Darth Zero's Chief General!*Ignites Red Saber*

Caleb:Who the heck is Darth Zero?

Lemetrius:Doesnt Matter Get him!

Striker:Not so fast*Uses Force Push on Lemetrius*

Caleb:Starkiller!Ok now your dead....*Uses Force Clone and attacks Striker*

Striker:*Takes 3 clones down*Is that all you got?

Caleb:No*Comes from behind and stabs Strikers back*

Striker:I will not be defeated!

Black:*Shoots striker*That was close sir.

Caleb:I doubt that was a sith lord too easy.Somethings up

Lemetrius:Well it's not me*Gets up*


Caleb:Did you hear that?

Black:Yah that wasnt friendly


Caleb:Well lets check it ou...

  • 5 Dark Jedi and 20 Stormtroopers brake through the roof*

Caleb:Ha piece of cake*Charges*

Lemetrius:Your so reckless

Caleb:Probably what makes me a Skywalker*Takes 3 Dark Jedi out*

Lemetrius:Hey leave some for me*Runs after the other 2 and kills them*

Black:Golem and Infinity Squadrons fire!

About 10 minutes later

Caleb:it's only easy when there's a Skywalker around

Lemetrius:Whar ever Marek's have made a name of themselfs too

Black:I'd suggest we keep moving


A few hours later

Black:Were at the Distress signals location I dont get it

Infantry Soldier:Hey I found the distress signal!

Black:Good job but where are the Jedi?

Stormtrooper Spy:I can answer that

Caleb:*Ignites Lightsaber*Who are you?

Stormtrooper Spy:My name is Marcus Ge' For.Dont worry I'm not against you

Caleb:*Lowers blade but doesnt retract*Well Marcus why have you come?

Marcus:Listen I know what the Empire does.I have for years.You dont know what they do...You need to hear me out

Caleb:You have five minutes before I kill you*Retracts Blade*

Marcus:You made a wise choice.Ok listen rememer Kyle Solo's son?

Caleb:George yah but he died

Marcus:That's not the case.He pretended to die and joined the Galactic Empire

Caleb:That filthy little...

Marcus:Please let me finish.Being a former Jedi he was immediatly ranked to Dark Jedi and he challenged the Emperor to an old fashined Dual and beat him so fast you would wonder how he became Emperor in the first place.Anyways he because of his fast win George was named Darth Zero and earned the title Emperor.But then the prophecy...

Caleb:What prophecy what do you mean?

Marcus:I'm sorry I dont know the exact words but it has something to do with a War between Ancient Jedi and Sith blood

Caleb:Interesting can you get us on the sith base?

Marcus:Sure I'll be glad to help.Once your inside the Empire you either want to go on or get out.

Black:Ok let's get moving

Many Hours later they come across the sith base

Marcus:I can get you through the gate but then your on your own.Meet me at the Armory in 20 minutes

Caleb:Ok,Golem and Alpha Squadrons you bust in as soon as we send up the flare

Black:Yes sir

5 minutes later

Base Guard:Can I see the identification?

Marcus:Yes sir*Gives him I.D.*

Base Guard:Ok your good to go after you tell me who these are*Points at everyone else*

Marcus:There prisoners from the Attack on Tython

Base Guard:Go ahead

Marcus:Ok head to the armory and we'll set off the flare

Caleb:Ok Infinity follow me

At the armory

Marcus:Good you made it

Caleb:Wasnt easy one of the Sith recognized me as a Skywalker and ordered everyone too fire

Marcus:That explains why half of your squad is gone anyways set the flare

Caleb:*Shoots the Flare into the air*

At Base Camp one

Lemetrius:That's the signal move out!

At Base Camp two

Black:I see the signal get going!

At the armory

Caleb:I hear fighting Infinity get out there!

Outside Armory

Caleb:*Ignites Lightsaber and slashes down sith and stormtroopers*

Lemetrius:Caleb thank goodness*Blocks a lightsaber and uses Force Lightning on him*

Caleb:Good to see you Lemetrius were having trouble

Lemetrius:I see that anyway can I help in any way?

Caleb:Take lead of the other squads I'm going in.Marcus come on!

Marcus:*Picks up Blaster*Dont worry Caleb I got your back

Deep inside the base

Zero:So Cade Skywalker and Brandon Marek your under my control now...

Cade:Shut up I'll never betray the Jedi again

Zero:Then I guess it's death

Brandon:Might as well kill me first.

Zero:Your wish*slices of his head*

Cade:You Bastard!

Zero:Your next "Grandmaster"

Caleb:Not so fast George

Zero:I see it's the Skywalker kid

Caleb:You need to kill me first before you kill my dad!

Zero:Ha foolish boy you just brought doom to the whole Skywalker Reign

Caleb:I'll destroy you*Charges*

Zero:No you dont!*Shocks him*

Caleb:Agh...Must keep going

Zero:Oh no you wont*Force pushes him against the wall 3 times*

Caleb:uhhh*Blacks out*


Caleb:*Wakes up*Hello?

A ghost appears

Ghost:This is a dream your in the force right now

Caleb:Luke Skywalker?

Luke:That is correct Caleb you need to rest a bit

Caleb:*Gets up*But Dad is in Danger

Luke:He's served his purpose it's your turn to lead the Jedi

Caleb:But I'm only 18...

Luke:I was 26 when I remade the jedi wasnt I?

Caleb:I guess so but

Luke:Shh I must show you the Origin of Skywalkers


The scene changes around them

Mysterious Jedi:The Bogan Users are going down soon General

Other Mysterious Jedi:But how can we be so sure Phoenix?


Luke:Yes Phoenix Skywalker the first ever Skywalker to be in the Jedi

Caleb:But if I recall this is the Force Wars.Before Lightsabers were even made.Or the Jedi

Luke:Yes but there nearing the End of the war.The Jedi council is coming a few years after

Caleb:Well what else is happening?

Luke:You must watch Phoenix in Battle


Phoenix:Come on Men we got Ashla on our side!Let's beat the Bogan users Tonight!


Caleb:What's Ashla and Bogan?

Luke:The Light side of the force back than was called Ashla while teh Dark Side was called Bogan

Phoenix:Hear they come!*Draws Sword*

Bogan User:You think you can beat us?Your fools

Phoenix:Your the fool*Attacks him*

Bogan User:Ha you got nothing on me*Blocks*

Phoenix:I have one thing*Sends out White Lightning*

Caleb:Whats that?

Luke:It's a force Move that travels throough our blood.Phoenix made it himself

Caleb:Can I learn that?

Luke:I must show you a few more things


Darth Plaqueas:I finally found it a way to create Life through the force!

Caleb:That's Darth Plaques!

Luke:Yes he is the one who made my father Anakin.If he didnt take action he would've stopped the Skywalker Family force line

Caleb:But he was evil!

Luke:Yes very.He only saw Darth Vader not Anakin.He thought he was profilling the prophecy in his own way.

Caleb:But didnt Sideous kill him?

Luke:Yes He did now that you know some skywalker history let's start with learning that move

Caleb:But I want to learn more!

Luke:Indeed in do time.Now go stop Zero*Touches his forehead*

Caleb:*Wakes Up*

Zero:So your still alive?I better kill you know!But first*Walks over to Cade*


Cade:You did good on coming but my time is up Caleb.Goodbye

Caleb:No Dad!!

Zero:*Stabs Cades back*Your turn Caleb

Caleb:No it's not!*White lightning forms in his hands*

Zero:Whats that?

Caleb:Your doom...*Silently*Thank you Phoenix...NOW DIE!!*Shoots the Lightning at Zero*

Zero:Ahhh!!!!You win this round but we'll meet again*Teleports away*

Lemetrius and Black run in

Lemetrius:We heard what was all the commotion?

Caleb:He killed our Parents


Caleb:Yes unfortuanatly

Lemetrius:I'd oughta...

Caleb:*puts his hand on Lemetrius' shoulder*No we must recover from the attack

Lemetrius:Fine but were going to kill him later

Caleb:Black call Pilot Squadron were going home

Black:Yes sir