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-Jedi Knight

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Anya Sajik
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"Care to duel?"
Jedi Knight
Second in Command of the Infinity Squadron
Member of the New Republic
Important Information
Gender Female
Status Alive; 18
Eye Color Indigo/Purple
Hair Color Orange
Height 5'8
Group New Republic
Missions -


Anya was born in a small town on Naboo. Her family was quite weathy, her father being a former senetor and her mom being a famous speaker. She didn't care for the elegent, quiet life, for she wanted to be a fearless jedi master. She ran from home at age of 11, hoping to sneak onto a cargo ship and hope to go to jedi training. Anya snuck on the wrong ship, it wasn't a cargo ship, but a merciless pirate vessel. They found her and made her their slave for a few months. She finally escaped with her things in an escape pod, after fighting a few pirates. She made it to jedi training and trained for 6 years under the influence of her master, who fell in a battle during her last training mission. Anya was grieved by the loss of her beloved master that she promised never to kill jedi, even if they are traitors or spies. She vowed to remember her master as well, and built him a grave in his honor. Anya met many jedi traitors but let others put them in prison and destroy them, she just didn't have the heart to do it. Later, her parents were informed of her training and future plans and they were content with them. Anya is a Jedi Knight and currently lives with the New Republic Team on Coruscant.

Appearance Edit

Anya's main trait is her very long curly red hair tied back with three green bands. She has light skin and indigo/purple eyes. She wears a traiditional jedi outfit but a slightly different utility belt. She always carries around her blue and green light sabers.


Anya is strong and fast, much like normal jedis. She is not very emotional to anything and loves to put other before herself, even if it means sacrificing herself like her humble master once did. Anya loves to dual people with lightsabers and loves training in martial arts. She is not a girly girl and doesn't mind getting a little mud on her.

Force Ability'sEdit

  1. Force Control- can Push,Pull,or Control objects
  2. Force Mind Trick- Can manipulate weak minds
  3. Force Agility- Can Jump,Run,and Climb with incredible skill


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